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Once we realized our ministry of a nursery school had run its course, we asked the community what they needed. A few grants and a whole lot of hard work later, we have embarked on a new ministry, The Wellness Center at Grace.


The Wellness Center strives to build partnerships with like-minded and like-spirited wellness providers and services in order to make health and wellness more accessible and justice-based in our community. This is includes but is not limited to mental health counseling, cooking classes, fitness classes, and more. If you want to learn more about becoming a partner, please contact us at If you want to learn more about our current offerings, please check out our list of partners.

Mental health services

The Wellness Center offers counseling and therapy with justice in mind when it comes to cost. Sessions are facilitated by professionals who are ready to walk the journey with you, regardless of your beliefs, life experiences or circumstances, or ability to pay. Some subsidies are available. Contact us for more information.

Our counselors

Linda M Schiavone.jpg

Linda Schiavone, LPC

Cloudy Sky

Angela York-Crane, pre-LPC


Bridget McCormack
Heart Light Healing 

Cloudy Sky

Lisa Schneller, LCSW


Beth Toler, LMFT

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