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Mental Health


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Linda Schiavone, LPC

We are each part of a shared human experience, and yet we each embody and internalize our own life experiences. I strive to be curious about what makes you unique, have respect for your identity, and be open to learning about what is important and meaningful to you. In my previous counseling position located in University City, I had

the privilege of working with culturally and ethnically diverse individuals who originated from more than 20 countries, as well as those identifying as LGBTQ+, neurodiverse and on the autism spectrum. I welcome the opportunity and consider it an honor to enter into a therapeutic relationship with each and every individual.




Coping Skills Depression

Life Transitions Relationship Issues Self Esteem


Beth Toler, LMFT

Are you experiencing difficult feelings, thoughts, decisions, behaviors, or transitions in your life or relationships? Are you grieving the loss of a relationship, job, or way of life? Are you questioning your identity and place of belonging in the world? If so, then the process of therapy can help you discover hope and move forward in your life.


For almost twenty years, I have sought to provide a safe, positive, hope-filled space for individuals, couples, and families who deal with issues related to severe mental illness, depression, anxiety, gender, sexuality, grief/loss, divorce, spirituality, relationships, and personal growth and development.

Through thoughtful collaboration, I seek to help people identify,explore, and experience the change and peace they desire. This commitment of collaboration and respect also grounds and infuses my work and experience with helping families, couples, and individuals relate and cope with the diagnosis of severe mental illness.


As a formally trained clinician and ordained minister, I bring a wealth of experience from a variety of academic, ministry and clinical settings. I seek to honor the unique religious and spiritual perspectives and background of each client and, when relevant and important, incorporate that into the therapeutic work.


York-Crane, pre-LPC

Sometimes our inner voice, innate wisdom, and desire to move towards wholeness, self-awareness, and greater connection with others gets lost in the pain and struggle of life. Using wisdom and insights from my clinical counseling training, my work as a spiritual director, and my experience as yoga and meditation teacher, I seek to create a therapeutic space where clients can rediscover their strengths, explore their lives and find healing peace.  

In addition to helping people work through grief, life transitions, religious and spiritual struggles, living with chronic illnesses, and supporting caregivers in a vareity of situations, I also specialize in addressing childhood and adult trauma that may include sexual, physical, and or religious/spiritual abuse.

In alignment with my passion for social justice, I offer therapy on an affordable sliding scale, via ZOOM or in-person.


Angela York Crane holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling degree from Moravian Theological Seminary and also is a candidate in training at the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. She also is a certified spiritual director and yoga/meditation teacher.

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