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Heart Light Healing

We are all beautiful, unique beings, each of us having special gifts and talents that we are meant to share with the world in a way that only we can. That we are born knowing who we are and as we move through this journey called life we learn more about ourselves and how we want to share our gifts.


As we walk along our path, navigating life’s ups and downs, twists and turns, sometimes we forget who we are as we try on different personas, jobs, and titles as part of the process. Or are weighed down by expectations, stories, or conditioning along the way. I am here to help you remember who you are and return home to yourself.


Meeting you exactly where you are on your healing journey and providing you with the sacred space you deserve to move through whatever you are growing through. Walking beside you as you shed layers that are not your own or serving you any longer. Helping you rediscover your true self through embodiment practices, energy work, emotional release, and empowerment. Teaching you practices that will nourish you along the way and support you as you continue on so you can be yourself in all ways, all the time as you are meant to be. 


Healing is a collaborative effort between you and your provider which is why you’ll experience an individualized approach based on your needs at the time of your session. You’ll also learn ways to support yourself afterwards using practices, modalities, and tools that are simple enough to access on a daily basis and nurture the meaningful change that you’ve begun. All with the soul purpose of helping you re-awaken the wisdom within you and trusting it to guide you home to yourself.


Bridget is a licensed Physical Therapist and Energy Work practitioner who’s passionate about helping you get back to being Yourself. She earned her Master’s of Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in 2003 and has furthered her education in teachings, philosophies, and techniques that honor your body, mind, & soul together like craniosacral therapy, reiki, somato~emotional release, mindfulness, and qigong.


She also has a special interest in Women’s Health, as she’s found, both personally and professionally, that women’s issues are often brushed aside, misdiagnosed, or not spoken about openly due to old “taboos” around those topics or areas. Her goal is to bring awareness to these issues, debunk some of the myths, provide alternative options that complement modern medicine, and normalize conversations around some of these topics one woman at a time. 


To schedule or learn more, please visit or email Bridget at

Triple Threat Fitness

More info to come.

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